Monday, April 14, 2014

Some useful tips

There have been a number of things that have helped me start to feel more "normal" as I learn to deal with my anxiety and panic long-term. In addition to the therapy and medicines that I really feel have worked wonders for me, I also swear by a few other things:

  • Magnesium-I have been taking a daily supplement, as well as eating foods rich in magnesium. I read somewhere that performers will eat a banana before going onstage because it helps provide a calming effect. It's not exactly the same as a benzo pill, but I have seen a difference.
  • St. John's Wort- I drink a bedtime tea with this as a component and it really is a good soother. It's also available in capsule form (which I own, but don't take at this point in time) and many have reported it to be effective.
  • Lavender-I swear by this and have been using lavender aromatherapy for years. Lotions, bubble baths, essential oils and even lavender scented items...necklace pendant and eye mask to be exact. 
  • Chamomile-I start some mornings with a lavender chamomile tea and it is a good nerve soother as well as a tummy soother. Lovin' it!
  • Animal therapy-as much as they drive my nutso, I don't know what I would do without their love.
  • Yoga-I have slowly started incorporating yoga poses and gentle stretching into my day, as well as longer dog walks and other soft exercise. I hope to get more vigorous the better I feel and hopefully start going to yoga classes. 
  • Exposure therapy-it's hard, but I have slowly been getting back out into the world. I hope to get better slowly but surely by taking baby steps. For those of you that I haven't seen in months, thank you for your patience and willingness to work with me.
  • Spirituality-without getting preachy (this is a very private thing for me and I am very cognizant of others' beliefs as well) I do believe that God has been by my side and I have guardian angels without a doubt. 
Are there any other things out there that work for folks? I am all ears and love sharing ideas! I have heard that acupuncture, massage, and craaniosacral therapy have been miraculous for some, so feel free to share your ideas and experiences! 


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